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Choose What Works
The Proven Secrets to Professional Greatness

America's Top Performance Coach
Shares His System
That Will Transform Your Work

Are you working with a blueprint for success?
Do you have ideas waiting for action?
Are you resolving problems that matter most?
Have you built relationships to support your goals?

"If you buy only one book to forward your career, or your life, Choose What Works is the place to start. Goldman is an extraordinary coach."

Jack Weber, Phd. Professor of Organization and Leadership,
Darden School of Business, University of Virginia.

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In Choose What Works, America's premiere business performance coach Howard Goldman distills 25 years of work with leading executives and world-class companies around the globe, including Apple Computer, Citigroup, Sprint PCS, America Online, hi-tech start-ups and The Walt Disney Company. His new book presents a fresh system — a brilliant framework to guide success and fulfillment that matters most to you.

Formerly, Howard served as Director of Artist Development of Capitol Records, having worked with the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Linda Ronstadt. Howard offers what he has gleaned in coaching with people who must perform under high-pressure situations.

Today's professionals, especially managers, executives and CEOs have demands imposed upon them to perform at ever-increasing levels of productivity. Howard's unique approach addresses common stumbling blocks: setting and focusing on priorities, communication that produces results, excelling beyond old limits or barriers and acting as a leader.

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Howard engages us with the impactful system that he's developed and honed over three decades of real world application. He coaches readers to apply his High Performance Operating System™ and overcome self-limiting practices, providing strategic and easy-to-implement tools that are at the heart of producing unprecedented results.

Choose What Works is a proven road map that translates advanced methods for accomplishment into an attainable and winning approach, providing the following:

  • A step-by-step plan for professionals in any field to become leaders.

  • Rules for immediate wins as well as long-term achievement and learning.

  • How to change the mood of the work environment.

  • Vivid and rich examples of what works and what doesn't.

"When I am called upon to work with organizations," notes Howard, "it's because people want something in their work and life beyond where they are performing — beyond what's currently stopping them. I clarify and focus their ambitions and give them the tools to start working effectively beyond what's holding them back. I also move them past acting as victims — saying that things are out of their control — and beyond positions of entitlement or self-righteousness."

In launching a start-up, Choose What Works proved to be an indispensable road map — both personally and for the business.  Its insights into articulating a focus, developing "pathways to action," staying on track, and creating a strategic board provided support and direction through the critical early stages of the company's development."

Robin Seaman, VP, Sales and Marketing,
River Indigo Systems

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"Most of us take the system we operate under completely for granted — that is to say the rules that govern our thinking, our perceptions, our reactions and our interactions with others are almost totally transparent to us," says Howard. "The logic of these ingrained rules is shielded in justifications and self-deception. The first step is to realize that something within our control may be stopping us. The next step is the willingness to start observing when, where, and how our self-limiting behavior may be in the way of effective and productive relationships. We are then free to choose alternative ways of managing ourselves — to choose what works!"

Howard Goldman's Choose What Works offers compelling guidelines to:

  • Identify your biggest problems and then systematically overcome them. Learn how to see problems in a different light and to distinguish between what actually happened from what you think must happen.

  • Master the #1 hurdle in business: communication. Establish rules and a new "verbal math" for nurturing meaningful relationships and sustainable results.

  • Organize your own "Strategic Board" — and have experienced and talented people to meet on your behalf, to discuss issues and solve problems in a constructive, free-flowing way.

  • Discover how to be "coachable," not only to address a missing skill or chronic barrier, but to excel and grow beyond your current level of success.

"I work with individuals and teams to become competent in developing possibilities and new ways forward. They are then open to explore how to be much better at what they already do well," says Howard. "Additionally, I move people from dwelling on problems to enthusiastically taking actions. What people seem to really appreciate about the approach I take in Choose What Works is encouraging people to speak what I call the "awful truth" — what you say that clears the air and releases you and others to relate and act with a new sense of freedom. It's saying what's on people's minds but something that others were reluctant to bring up or was difficult to confront as a group."

Howard Goldman directs us from the vantage point of someone who has his pulse on fast-growth companies and industries that will drive the tomorrow's economy. He inspires and motivates us to raise our performance to new levels. Based on his successes in coaching Fortune 500 companies and high-flying start-ups, Choose What Works is sure to reach new audiences - opening people's minds and hearts to new opportunities for success and growth.

"This book is essential for anyone with ambition to become as great as you can be."

Ann Acierno, Exec. Vice President, Victoria's Secret Direct

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