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High Performance Coaching™

This customized program is intended for Executives, Self-Employed Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Top Salespeople:

With in this framework of training, coaching and extended support you will dramatically build income, streamline your efficiency at work, maximize your special talents and abilities, and achieve financial objectives.

"These simple, yet thought-provoking insight on Choose What Works have yielded dramatic results for my business - our profits tripled. Goldman's Operating System™ is the basis of how I make decisions and have life work."

Zen Ohashi, Founder, Management Coach Network
Tokyo, Japan

We will be your personal coaches throughout the High Performance Program. We have worked with hundreds of companies and trained thousands of professionals over the past 25 years. We are experienced business people and entrepreneurs, having started, built, managed or turned around numerous businesses.

In this powerful 6 month program, Howard and Lisa Goldman work with you and other high energy people who share your ambition for greater success and fulfillment to make dramatic improvements in your business, personal and professional life.

In the High Performance Coaching Program, you will:

Author and achieve goals in every area of your professional life.
Dramatically increase your income.
Maintain your focus and manage priorities toproduce immediate results.
Install our High Performance Operating System™ to drive success in everything you do.
Manage your efficiency and build a powerful network of assistance.
Free yourself to perform and live at a totally new level.
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"World class coaching for people who strive to be as great as they can be."

Jack Clewis, V.P.
NEC Corporation


High Performance Coaching: Qualifications
This high performance program is designed only for people who want to do what necessary to build your success at work and in life.

This requires your enrollment in a 6 month intensive program.
This transformational coaching requires a high level of your commitment and personal responsibility.
You must currently be earning $100,000 annually, and responsibly managing your personal and professional life.

High Performance Coaching: Steps to Success

Upon qualification andregistration you will receive the complete schedule of meetings/ phone conferences over 6 months, initial program materials and requests for preparation.
You will undertake an intensive process that will focus your intentions, set your professional and personal objectives, and order your priorities. You will be asked to take action on your commitments as we proceed and move to the next phases.
You will meet for three days (day 1, 90, and 180) in the program with Howard Goldman and other coaches along with your fellow partners.
Our in-person sessions will be supplemented by monthly coaching calls, follow-up, and support for problem solving.
You will immediately begin to apply proven aspects of the High Performance.
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Operating System and accrue the benefits of learning those new tools.


It is your responsibility to attend each session as scheduled. You may transfer to another session, however no refunds will be granted.
You will build momentum as you navigate through the program and gain skills and produce unprecedented results. You will receive additional benefits in the program, such as work with your own board of fellow participants, at no additional costs.
We will be available to respond to critical questions and ongoing communications.
Your investment in High Performance Coaching™ is only $6,500, payable upon your acceptance in the program.

Our exclusive High Performance Coaching Program is designed only for professionals (executives, entrepreneurs, Business owners, self-employed lawyers, doctors, accountants, and top sales people) who want to do what's necessary to build success at work and in life.

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Coaching application to dramatically build income, streamline your efficiency at work, maximize your special talents and abilities, and achieve financial objectives.
Register for coaching to dramatically build income, streamline your efficiency at work, maximize your special talents and abilities, and achieve financial objectives.
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